Miniature Painting Commissions

Contact me for a quote as all projects are different. Currently there is only one painting standard. There are painted miniatures in the shop section and pre-calculated miniatures for customising the colour schemes. If you can't find the game system or figure in the shop just ask for a quote.

For an accurate quote I will need the following information from you

  • If the miniatures or figures are already purchased or if you need them purchased for you.
  • The manufacture, game system, names, and number of miniatures in your project.
  • If you need the assembly service or basing services
  • Any special requests
  • Colour schemes (pastel tones, bright tones, to match box art...)
  • If you have a deadline


This assembly service includes cleaning the miniatures in detergent, removing mould lines, gluing together, and filling in gaps.

You could do this step yourself, but if there are areas that need touching up you will be contacted to discuss additional charges to bring the miniatures up to a higher standard.


This service adds a finishing touch to the miniature by putting it in a scene, like a muddy football pitch, desert, toxic waste, lava, or an open field. There are companies that produce stunning bases if you require moulded and textured effects or elements, like skulls, sci-fi tech, alien surfaces, ruins, industrial, urban, cobblestone, and many more.

For basing movement trays, the notches in the corners will be kept clear of any basing materials so the arcs can still be read. If you are going to use your models for display only the basing can cover these game play notches.

You can also do this step yourself, before or after the miniatures have been painted.


For tabletop gaming or display. This painting service includes priming (if needed), base coats, washes, highlights, and details.

Artwork Commissions

Contact me for a quote for creating your portrait.

I will need

  • A photograph or photographs of the people/person you want drawn
  • Idea on composition
  • Size for your finial piece
  • Any colour preferences you would like for the artwork
  • Any deadlines