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My name is Sam, and I'm a British painter and illustrator with a love for colour, whimsy, and fun. I am passionate about creating artwork and resources that will make you excited.

I am captivated by the world of miniature games and tabletop games, enjoying them with friends and family. I believe a well painted miniature can grab someone's attention and allow them to fall in love with miniatures and tabletop gaming.

The same love of beautiful illustrations has encouraged me to explore creating resources for myself to make digital drawing easier. As an artist I always like to improve my workflow and I aim to help you do the same too with my digital resources. Whether you're new to drawing or looking to take things up a notch, there will be something here for you.

Illustration by Haximica of a woman kicking sand.


  • Miniature Painting
    Let’s talk about your tabletop games, board games, miniature wargaming painting projects.
  • Digital Artwork
    Whimsical portraits of you or your family!


If you’re an artist and would like to collaborate on a project together send me a message.

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Miniature Painting